Apply for SOSA

The Summit of Sustainability Award 2016 (#SOSA16)

The Summit of Sustainability Award isn’t just for big companies. The awards has 5 organizational categories:

  • Small Business (25 employees or less)
  • Medium Business (26 to 249 employees)
  • Large Business (250 employees or more)
  • Non-profit/Community
  • Public Sector (Governmental/Schools)

The Summit of Sustainability Awards process will be closed for 2016 and focus will be spent on sustainability speakers and workshops. See our events page for info. The application process will reopen again in 2017. You can prepare for applying by reviewing the SOSA application first in PDF format.

Applying for SOSA is pretty simple and really “green” as it is right through this page on the website during the application season.  Our four required categories are: Energy Management, Waste Management, Water Management and Purchasing
Program Management. There are additional optional categories
as well. If you would like to upload other information for submission which further explain your sustainability practices and goals, call Cindy at 330.375.2116. Want to just print and look over the application to see what type of information we ask for? Here is the SOSA Application in a PDF. Need help in filling out your application, call Cindy at 330.375.2116 option 1, and we will have one of our experts contact you so you can ask questions.

When working through Survey Monkey, here are a few helpful tips:

  • You can advance through questions on the application by just inserting “123” in an answer.
  • You can save the application and return to work on it later.
  • It is okay if you do not have information to answer every category; every organization is at a different stage in their sustainability journey. One aspect of your plan may be the BEST example and alone may be worthy of recognition!
  • The optional sections are meant to strengthen your application.
  • In all categories it is about expressing what your sustainability plan is and how you are progressing towards meeting individual goal.
  • Reminder that metrics (i.e. measurements) can be as easy as citing your utility bills. Simple example: In December we used 100KWH of electricity.  In January we installed energy efficient lighting, and in February we used 80 KWH of electricity – saving 20 KWH of electricity as a result of the installation. For purchasing, express what you wanted to achieve and the steps you are taking to get there. Simple example: our office set a goal to have 100% recycled paper in use for all print projects.  Metric: as of today 65% of our print materials used recycled paper. For purchasing, express what you wanted to achieve and the steps you are taking to get there.

Remember that submitted application information may be shared with the public as best practices.

If you are not sure what is considered sustainable, check our How to Be Sustainable page for resources and suggestions.  From there you may find out you are already sustainable business or organization.